Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shabbat in Jerusalem - AKA It is Raining Batz and Dogs!


I feel as if it has been forever since we have spoken and I'm ready to rock this blog after such a Shabbat!

Let's slow it down first... It is, after all slightly after 2am and I am wound up. Okay. Breathing.

Yesterday (Friday) was an interesting day. It rained. Was VERY cold, and rained some more. The high temperature made it all the way to 48f and it kept me inside until Shabbat.

Actually, I was kept inside until after Shabbat began by a terribly upsetting conversation that I had with a friend (?). I finally signed off and went to Shul. I should have been there on time, but I let this person get to me and instead of following my own rules on this trip, I let it beat me up. Once I heard the Cantor's voice for Kabbalat Shabbat; His voice and kavannah, the meaning in his voice, made it all go away, and let Shabbat come into my week. I needed that.

Speaking of Shabbat and Kavannah, I have got to say that the Prayer Leader this morning, Ahuva Batz was without a doubt, the single most inspiring Baalat Tzibur I have ever prayed with. During the Torah Service, the first word of her שמע, was both loud, strong and LONG. One word. SHEMA................ Yisrael, etc... HEAR..................... O' Israel. Goosebumps. Period.

כל הכבוד אהובה. ממש. If you are reading this, you were amazing.

Let's talk about new friends and the meaning of Shabbat. The wonderful couple that celebrated 64 years of wedded bliss on Thursday invited me to lunch at their apartment. Homemade soup, roast, potatoes, veggies... What a feast! Thank you, Harry and Annie!

More Amazing------- After the afternoon and evening prayers this evening, I enjoyed a night of dinner and conversation with two Rabbinical students and a Cantorial student studying at the Conservative Yeshiva. Oh what a night! Jason, Gella and Frani, you guys are the best! I told you that we'd be forever friends. I meant it. And we will be.

Jerusalem is truly an enchanting city. It is, as we all know, home to three major religions and we are all able to live in peace and harmony. She will take a hold of you, if you let her, and is capable of filling your soul with much needed spiritual nourishment, as only Jerusalem is capable of providing. The warmth of her residents is but a small part of the attraction. It is indeed very easy to feel that
G-d is here. Everywhere.

Tomorrow will be a day to visit mountains. Scopus, Olives and my favorite, Mt. Herzl, where I will pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and old friends.

לילה טוב ושבוע טוב מהמושבה הגרמנית, ירושלים
Good night and a good week from The German Colony, Jerusalem.

Ahavah uVrachot..
Love and Blessings...

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